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Engine Building

Engine Building

Rasant Products builds air cooled engines ranging from 3.0L-3.8L.






One of our first builds was a 3.5L twin plug monter. We were dedicated to build a top of the line naturally aspirated air cooled Porsche 911 engine. Our main constraints were keeping the 3.0L/3.2L case, streetable performance, and plenty of top end power to keep up on the track.

Here are the high level specs:

  1. 3.2L Crank - Cross drilled for better lubrication
  2. 3.2L Rods
  3. Carillo (CP) 10.5:1 CR pistons
  4. Mahle 100 MM cylinders
  5. 3.0L Big port heads - machined for twin plug
  6. Custom GT2 profile camshafts with a 108 lobe center
  7. European Race Headers (1 5/8")
  8. M&K 2-in-2-out muffler
  9. RSR Flywheel
  10. PMO 46mm ITB's 
  11. Rasant twin plug EFI

This engine was the first to showcase our twin-plug engine management option.


And the dyno results are in! 278 whp and 246 lb*ft of torque! Contact us about your next build. 








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