About Us

Rasant Products is what happens when Porsche passion meets the pursuit of the perfect driving experience. We're committed to offering our fellow enthusiasts the highest quality performance parts tailored to meet the needs of each unique car. Our ultimate goal is to assist you in enhancing the joys of owning, driving, and customizing your vehicles and we look forward to being a part of your next Porsche project!

In-house 5-Axis CNC Manufacturing

Rasant utilizes a HAAS UMC 500 5-Axis CNC to manufacture our aluminum components. It provides our team the resources required to rapidly manufacture components in house while adhering to strict quality requirements.



In-house Wire Harness Manufacturing

We have full harness manufacturing capability in-house to bring any electrical project to reality.


Andrew Darud, Founder, Former President, Rasant Products. 

Originally from Minneapolis, Andrew attended Michigan Technology University and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Andrew actively participated in MTU’s SAE Formula Racing Team during his time in Houghton, which offered him the unparalleled opportunity to design, build, and test race cars. After graduation, he accepted a job offer to work at Honda R&D as a powertrain design engineer.  A few years later he decided to take his career to the West Coast, packing up and moving to Los Angeles to join the thriving Southern California car culture. 

Andrew has always been especially drawn to the air-cooled 911’s, as he believes they offer one of the most thrilling and driver-centric automotive experiences. Rasant Products was born after he designed, built, installed, and tested the proprietary engine control management system in his 1975 911 and saw inspiring results on the first dyno run. His goal has been, and will continue to be to consistently improve the driving experience- to make cars go faster, handle better, and perform with greater reliability.

Please feel free to reach out to us directly at sales@rasantproducts for any questions you may have about your build, 911, or general automotive interest. We are genuine car people, with automotive OEM powertrain experience, and love to talk cars! Also look for our cars at your local Pacific Northwest car show!