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Running an individual-throttle body (ITB) intake system on a car offers several benefits, especially in performance-oriented applications. 

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Improved Throttle Response:

Each cylinder gets its own throttle body, allowing for more immediate and precise response to driver inputs. This results in a direct connection between the accelerator pedal and each cylinder, enhancing throttle control and feedback.

Better Air Distribution:
Our ITBs are designed to provide more uniform airflow to each cylinder compared to a single throttle body shared among multiple cylinders. This improved air distribution contributes to more balanced combustion and power delivery across all cylinders.

Increased Airflow:
We offer our ITBs in a 42mm or 48mm design, depending on engine application. These ITB diameters allow for a greater volume of airflow into the engine, promoting improved engine breathing and increasing horsepower. This is advantageous at high RPMs where engines require more air for optimal performance.

Enhanced Engine Efficiency:
The precise control over air intake leads to improved combustion efficiency. This efficiency results in better fuel atomization and combustion, improving air-fuel ratios and power delivery.

Distinctive Engine Sound:
Like you, we appreciate the unique and aggressive sounds produced by ITB engines. The "throaty" and responsive nature of ITBs can enhance the overall auditory experience of driving.

Tuning Flexibility:
ITBs offer the greatest tuning flexibility, allowing for precise adjustments to optimize performance. Our engine management and ITB packages adjust each throttle body independently, tailoring the engine's characteristics to specific requirements, tuned with our world renowned EVOMS partners.

Beyond performance benefits, ITBs can enhance the visual appeal of an engine bay. The symmetry and individuality of the throttle bodies can contribute to a clean and purposeful appearance.

However, it's essential to note that while individual throttle bodies offer these advantages, they also require careful tuning and maintenance. Achieving optimal performance may involve investing time and expertise in tuning the system to suit the engine's characteristics and the specific requirements of the vehicle.

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