Motec M130 GPA Firmware Package

Motec M130 GPA Firmware Package

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  • Operates gasoline port injected engines from 1 to 12 cylinders (M150 or M190) or 1 to 8 cylinders (M130 or M170)
  • Configurable ref/sync mode for many common engine types (refer to section on Engine Speed Modes for current details)
  • Configurable Top Dead Centre for each cylinder allows for odd-fire engines
  • Configurable Ignition output pin for each cylinder allows for Coil-on-plug, Waste Spark, and Distributor Ignition Systems
  • Configurable On-board Knock for each cylinder with 2 to 4 assignable knock sensors (hardware dependent) and selectable center frequency
  • Configurable Camshaft control from 1 to 4 camshafts
  • Configurable Boost control for a single turbo
  • Physical settings for Engine Displacement, Fuel Density, Stoichiometric Ratio, Fuel Pressure, and Injector Linearization allow for simplified engine start-up prior to tuning
  • Sensor Calibrations available for many common automotive sensors
  • Gearbox position detection via sensor or engine speed / wheel speed estimate
  • GPS acquisition and logging via CAN or RS232 (hardware dependent)
  • Intercooler Temperature and Spray control
  • Lap Distance, Time and Number via BR2 or Switched Input, with Split and Sector options
  • Race Time system with tables for Ignition Timing Compensation, Fuel Mixture Aim, Boost Limit, and Throttle Limit.
  • Auxiliary Timer system with tables for Ignition Timing Compensation, Fuel Volume Trim, and Fuel Mixture Aim
  • Engine Load Average channel with tables for Engine Speed Limit, Ignition Timing Trim, Fuel Mixture Aim, Boost Limit, and Throttle Limit
  • Engine Run Time Total for engine hour logging
  • ECU CAN Receive from a defined ID Base Address for data reception from MoTeC devices
  • 4 Configurable Driver Switches and 4 Driver Rotary Switches with each of 9 positions simultaneously mapable to multiple functions such as: Auxiliary Time, Race Time Reset, Engine Speed Limit Maximum, DBW Pedal Translation, Ignition Timing, Fuel Mixture Aim, Boost Limit and Pit Switch
  • Analogue Tachometer output with configurable Output Pin and scaling
  • Transmission Pump output with Transmission Temperature threshold and hysteresis control.
  • 4 Optional Outputs for PWM Control of added actuators:
    • Duty Cycle tables using Engine Speed and Throttle or Manifold Pressure Axes
    • Activation based on Inlet Manifold Pressure or Throttle Position
    • Aux Output 1 includes tables for Ignition Timing Compensation, Fuel Volume Trim, and Fuel Mixture Aim
  • Optional channels for additional sensors via input pin and/or CAN message, including:
    • Airbox Mass Flow and Temperature
    • Ambient Pressure and Temperature
    • Air Conditioner Refrigerant Pressure
    • Air Conditioner Request
    • Boost Pressure
    • Brake Pressure Front and Rear
    • Brake Switch
    • Coolant Pressure and Temperature
    • Engine Oil Pressure and Temperature
    • Engine Crankcase Pressure
    • Exhaust Pressure Bank 1 and Bank 2
    • Exhaust Temperature (EGT) via TCA Thermocouple Amplifier, Generic CAN, or E888 for Collector, Bank 1 and 2 Collector, and Cylinders 1 to 12
    • Exhaust Lambda via LTC, LTCN, or PLM for Collector, Bank 1 and 2 Collector, and Cylinders 1 to 12
    • Fuel Pressure and Temperature
    • Gear Position
    • Gear Neutral Switch
    • Gear Shift Request
    • Intercooler Temperature
    • Steering Angle and Pressure
    • Transmission Temperature
    • Turbocharger Speed
    • G-Force (acceleration) - Longitudinal, Lateral, Vertical Wheel Speed Front Left, Front Right, Rear Left, and Rear Right

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