Motec UTC Port

Motec UTC Port

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USB to CAN adapter (includes USB cable)   

Software Requirements for UTC Compatibility
M400, M600, M800, M880 - V2.30S or later
PDM16, PDM32, PDM15, PDM30 - V1.0 or later
BR2 - V1.0.6.2 (this software ships with all data logging manager software)
DBW4 - V1.03 or later
SDC, SDC2, SDC3 - V1.21 or later 
MDC - V1.22 or later
MDC2 - V2.0 or later
LTC - V1.0 or later 
ADL - V3.20P or later

Note: RTC is not compatible with MoTeC's UTC. Connect to the PC's parallel port instead. If the PC does not have a parallel port MoTeC can configure this device for you.

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